How to Edit Hard Drive Serial Number by Simple Clicks

Some new IT engineers have recently asked us how to edit the hard drive serial number simply and quickly for all hard drive brands.

This might be not easy for most common IT people but if users have Dolphin DFL hard drive firmware repair tools, it can be very easy and quick to change the hard drive serial number. With DFL firmware repair tools, users can connect multiple hard drives to the firmware repair hardware and then users can open the firmware repair software for different hard drives connected.

Next users just need to simply click the Edit HDD ID menu, the program will list the HDD model number, Serial number, capacity, etc and users just need to simply replace the SN number with the wanted one and then click OK, power off and power on, the new hard drive serial number will appear.

The hard drive serial number can be saved in ID firmware module on platters or ROM on the PCB. The program will recognize the SN storage location and edit it correctly.

It takes usually about 15 seconds or less to complete the hard drive serial number modification and all users can use the DFL hdd firmware repair tools to edit the SN by simple clicks.