Data recovery is one field with advanced technologies, the design of tools, support from the manufacturer of the tools, knowledge and experience of the users and data recovery resources the users have are very important to the success of data recovery.

Dolphin team offer complete and different types of data recovery training courses to all users worldwide. The users may want to start a data recovery business, or the users want to grow their data recovery capabilities or the users want to recover their own sensitive data by themselves, all these users can select the most-suited type of data recovery training courses.

Online Data Recovery Training Course

>3 Months’ Training Course: USD4299
>6 Months’ Training Course: USD6299
>12 Months’ Training Course: USD8299

Course content:

Time: 10:30AM-12:00PM, 3:00PM-5:00PM, Monday-Friday except holiday, UTC+8;

>Learn different storage devices’ structure learning;
>Learn different data recovery cases;
>Learn different data recovery tools;
>Learn different methods of recovering lost data;
>Learn different new data recovery cases and new data recovery technologies;
>Fix real data recovery cases online and show all steps;
>Help clients to fix data recovery cases lively.

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