Dolphin team offers unique premium support system to DFL users worldwide.

For remote support, users must understand it is not for all data recovery cases and no guarantee on the success rate of the cases. For physical data recovery cases, it is not possible to fix it by remote support. For example, if PCB swap, hot swap, head swap, platter swap, motor spinning, head or platter cleaning is required during data recovery process, Dolphin data recovery engineers can only tell the users what to do but will never replace the users to take the physical operations.

For remote support, it’s mainly on how to use the tools perfectly with different powerful buttons and functions designed to fix bad sector issues, firmware failures or software issue.

During the working hours, each user has 5 free remote support opportunities but after the 5 free remote support opportunities run out or if the users apply for remote support in non-working hours, users must pay.

The following are two Premium remote support options:

>Premium Remote Support for half one year: USD2299
>Premium Remote Support for one year: USD4299

Please note: all remote support should be based on Dolphin DFL data recovery tools, no any other tools will be supported.

Any question is welcome to or add Dolphin Skype ID: