Another Successful ST2000LM007-1R8174 Data Recovery Case


This is one remote support case study from one of our Argentina users.


Model number: ST2000LM007-1R817     
Serial number: WDZ8EGDG      Firmware: SBK2                          
Capacity: 2TB

HDD Failure Symptoms:

It is unable to enter F3 T> in a normal way.

Once power up the drive, LED error/ScrubRomove/Recov Servo OP=00A5 Resp=0005 appears under COM terminal.

This drive work very unstable, sometimes can get ready, but sometimes it stays busy and the ID information cannot be read either.

All data is not allowed for access.

Data Recovery Solution

Dolphin Data Lab engineer performed the following steps:

  1. Unlock the hard drive: read ROM-generate unlock ROM- write rom – power off and on – send unlock key. (Regarding the detailed steps and tips about this operation, pls refer to our previous case study)
  • Keep trying to enter F3 T> when we are sending the unlock key. Because it is not able to enter F3 T> after handshake successfully on this drive
  • Back up the most important sys 35 module
  • Check NG list and clear it.
  • Initialize ID
  • Write back the 35 module (including backup 0 and backup 1)
  • Clear G list and regenerate
  • Scan the drive: the whole drive can be scanned smoothly under DFL Seagate repair program.

Data extraction: use DDP file extraction to check the data, all the files are accessible and all files are recovered successfully.

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