Bangladesh Clients Want to Buy Data Recovery Hardware Products


My name is Mahbub and I am from Bangladesh. I want to start a Data recovery service from different type of storage (e.g. SATA, SAS, SSD, RAID, Pendirve, SD Card etc.) in Bangladesh. Currently lot of companies are  giving this services but the quality of the services is not up to the mark and they are charging more from the customer.

I want to give better service with low cost to our client. So please let me know how I can start this service with your product? 

Best Regards

Dolphin Data Lab has many happy users of DFL data recovery tools and has also one reseller and support center in Bangladesh.

As for data recovery tools from Dolphin Data Lab, they are mainly for hard drives of sata, IDE and USB. SAS hard drives need separate firmware repair and disk image tools and Pen drives, SD cards, etc require other chip-off flash recovery tools. No tool does recovery from all above storage medias.

If other users want to buy complete hard drive data recovery tools and solutions, please email to or add Dolphin skype ID: