This is one Seagate ST2000LM009 hard drive capacity 0 firmware repair and data recovery case study.

This patient drive was not properly detected and the capacity was 0 and no data is accessible and there’re no typical com terminal messages of head damage.

To fix the capacity 0 firmware issue, users need to fix the translator corruption.

Before translator repair, users need to backup the rom, generate unlock rom, write unlock rom, power off and on, send unlock key to unlock the firmware area and next users need to back up the most important nglist.

Next users need to clear glist and regenerate translator. If com terminal repair doesn’t work, users can regenerate translator in ATA mode.

Next users need to fix the data encryption issue by DFL-Seagate hdd repair tool.

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Users have different options to read and write ROM from Seagate and Western Digital hard drives.

For many hdds, users can use firmware repair tools to read and write ROM directly.

For some new hdds, firmware repair tools don’t support to read or write ROM due to SED lock, MCU lock or other PCB issue or ROM chip issue. At this situation, users can only use flash programmer to read and write rom from the ROM chips.

For traditional flash programmers, users need to solder the ROM chips off and put the ROM chip to the chip holder to read and write rom.

Not all engineers have good soldering skills and Dolphin team offered Chip-on HDD Flash Programmer Smart, users just need to remove the PCB and then users can use the pin reader to read and write rom without soldering the rom chips off.

Now users don’t need to remove PCB, don’t need to solder the ROM chips off, users just need to install the HDD ROM programming clip adapter to the HDD and then users can use Chip-on HDD Flash Programmer Smart and its software to read and write ROM easily.

Users can read details of HDD ROM programming clip adapters here.

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Seagate hard drive translator regeneration is one very important firmware repair function within all Seagate firmware repair tool.

There’re two modes for Seagate hdd translator regeneration:
01: Translator regeneration in ATA mode;
02: Translator regeneration in COM mode.

Within COM terminal, users need to enter F3 T> to use m0,6,3,,,,,22 command to regenerate translator. But please note: users need to think carefully before using the command. Users need to clear g-list, need to reset smart, need to check the HDD failure symptoms, need to backup important firmware modules, etc.

In some cases, translator regeneration may cause partial sector access issue or data shifting issue and in many cases, users don’t need translator regeneration to fix the cases and recover the lost data. So don’t always use the translator regeneration command.

In some heads read-only cases, users need to use translator regeneration in ATA mode and access to the data area.

Within DFL Seagate hdd firmware repair tool, users can easily use the ATA translator regeneration under defects management and this one is very helpful.

Video instruction to use translator regeneration in ATA mode:
Seagate LM Rosewood Heads Read only Firmware Repair and Data Recovery

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I am an IT consultant, and I have a company that provides IT services in Tunisia.

I have watched several videos about your excellent products, and I want to purchase all the necessary tools for my company to work with all types of HDD, SSD, and NVMe.

Could you please provide a list of the necessary items to buy? Also, is there a way to ship them to my address in Tunisia?

>>Dolphin team are shipping all data recovery tools worldwide by DHL express!
What Data Recovery Tools to Buy
Dolphin Latest Data Recovery Tools and Features PDF Download
Must-have Data Recovery Adapters Package
Top Rated Data Recovery Hardware Tools in 2024

The following new hard drive head replacement tools are available within the Hard Drive Ramp Toolkit Pro. 

Newly added head replacement tool on March 17, 2024
STH81 for Seagate 10TB helium drives, ST10000NM0478, 4 platters, 8 heads

Newly added head replacement combs Jan.3rd, 2024:
T3-7: Toshiba desktop hdd, 7 platters, MG06ACA800E, 8TB;
W3-9: WD helium hdd of 10T-16T, 9 platters;
ST3-4: Seagate ST8000NM0178, 8TB, 4 platters;
ST3-5: Seagate ST4000NM0035, 4TB, 5 platters;
SST24: Seagate SAS HDD, ST1800MM0129, 1.8T, ST2400MM0129, 2.4T;

Newly added Toshiba hdd head replacement tool on November 1 2023: T21, for laptop toshiba hdds with 1 platter, please note the existing T22 is used for 1-platter toshiba laptop hdds for many cases;

Newly added Western Digital Head Comb for WD 6T 800001 and 4T 810011 on November 1 2023:
W3S, example supported models-WD60PURX-64T0ZY0; WD40EJRX-89AKWY0

Newly added Toshiba Head Combs July 14, 2023
T312: Toshiba 3.5″ HDDs, 1/2 platters
T3-3: Toshiba 3.5″ HDDs, 3 platters
DT01ACA100, DT01ACA200, DT01ACA300, DT01ABA100V, DT01ABA200V, DT01ABA300V, etc

Users can find more hard drive head and platter swap tools here.

Section 1: Repair Modes
DFL Samsung firmware repair tool
can do both hdd repair and hdd refurbishing, hdd repair is to fix firmware failures without affecting data but hdd refurbishing will remove bad sectors and destroy data.

Section 2: Number of HDD Supported by the DFL Samsung Hardware

Users can connect 3 drives to DFL-SRP Samsung Portable hdd repair tool and 4 drives to DFL-PCIe Samsung hdd repair tool.

Section 3: Operating System to Install the software
Win 7, Win 8, Win 10, any of them is ok. DFL tools have unique driverless technology. No need to install device drivers.

Section 4: Biggest Advantages over Competitors

Easy to use and install on any pc, powerful with best technique support and data recovery resources. Free data recovery training videos:

Section 5: What Kind of Samsung HDD Failures DFL Samsung can Fix

01: Samsung HDDs with many bad sectors;
02: Samsung HDDs with ATA locked;
04: Wrongly detected Samsung hard drives;
05: 0 capacity detected Samsung hard drives;
06: Non-detected/Busy Samsung hard drives;
07: Dead Samsung hard drives, to fix this kind of dead Samsung drives, users need to have flash programmer, donor PCB and firmware sources or physical head and platter swap tools to work with DFL Samsung firmware repair tool.

Section 6: Common Samsung HDD Firmware Failures-Quick Fix

01: Fix LED Error
02: Clear A-list

Section 7: ROM Operations-Firmware on PCB
01: Read ROM;
02: Write ROM;
03: Write Burn Resources;
04: Get ROM Info.

Section 8: Service Area Operations-Firmware on Platters

01: Soft Reset;
02: Hard Reset;
03: Zero Fill;
04: Auto HDD family detection;
05: Read/write modules and module testing;
06: Edit HDD ID and password removal;
07: Read/write tracks.

Section 9: Defects Operations

01: View G/P list;
02: Clear A-list;
03: View/Reset Smart;
04, Enable/Disable Smart;
05: Format.