Buy WD Firmware Repair Module and Data Recovery Module from Italy

I have seen video on youtube: “How to Recover WD USB SATA Encrypted HDD” ( and I am interested to buy module as shown in the video: DDP DFL-DE

I have already purchased your software/hardware products in the past: seagate and western digital.
In particular for WD i work with DFL-WD hardware/software version.

I would like to know your best offer for DDP DFL-DE and if my version of DFL-WD is right to work with your module DDP or if I have to pay for a new license. thank you

Sandro Coppa – Italy

Many data recovery users get to know Dolphin data recovery tools by Dolphin Youtube Video channel and users can learn well how Dolphin tools and solutions work.

To work with faulty western digital hard drives, users need to have the DFL-WD firmware repair tool and DFL-DDP data recovery tool, users need to use the WD firmware repair tool to fix the firmware failures and then use DDP data recovery program to image the patient HDD or extract the lost data directly.

Users can get both latest software to work with the hardware.