DFL-Hitachi HDD Repair Tool is one very professional Hitachi hard drive firmware repair hardware tool. This tool contains both hdd repair hardware and software.

This Hitachi HDD repair tool supports Hitachi IBM and Hitachi ARM and also some older Hitachi hard drives.

With Hitachi firmware repair tool, users can find it very helpful in the following cases: Read more

DFL-WD HDD Repair Tool is one professional hard drive firmware repair hardware tool, it is also one bad sector repair tool too. Data recovery engineers use it mainly for data recovery purposes.

Many patient Western Digital hard drives are not detected, wrongly detected, no ID, many bad sectors, full of bad sectors, very slow to run, etc and these patient hard drives are possible to be repaired without losing the data only if users have DFL-WD HDD Repair Tool. Read more

DFL-Seagate HDD repair tool is one professional hard drive firmware repair tool, with this tool, users can read hard drive ID, edit ID, Edit SN, Edit model number, repair bad sectors, repair undetected Seagate drives, remove password, repair Seagate capacity 0 or wrong capacity HDDs, reset smart, backup, edit and write firmware modules, adjust head working temperatures, etc. Read more