Chengdu-City of Dolphin Head Office

Before new users worldwide learn about Dolphin Data Lab, it’s important for users to learn about Chengdu, where the Dolphin head office is located at.

Chengdu is one of the biggest cities in China and is one important business center, culture center, technology and financial center. It’s about 15 million people in Chengdu city with many international big companies coming to Chengdu for business investment. There are also many IT companies in Hi-tech zone.After many years’ development, China has a big Change: Chinese people are well educated, hospitable and friendly to all foreign guests; The cities become international and compatible with different cultures. Chengdu is one of these cities users can see one mordern China with morden cultures. By the way, many tourists come to Chengdu because it is the hometown of Pandas.

The following is Dolphin head office building:

The following are some preview pictures of real Chengdu:

Pandas in the Panda park

Global Center-The biggest single building in the world

IT centers, Financial Centers

Traditional Chinese Buildings

Clean and Tidy Avenues

Different Tasty Traditional Chengdu Food, International Food is also Available

All new clients are welcome to Dolphin head office, welcome to Chengdu.

Any question is welcome to or add Dolphin skype ID: