Clients from Sarnen Switzerland Wish to Buy DFL Data Recovery Tools

This is one new client from Switzerland who wants to buy DFL PCIe data recovery equipment and Dolphin team are doing the best to help the clients for their best data recovery success rate with DFL data recovery tools.

“Dear Sir,

Can you tell us more about the concept with your DFL-PCIe 4X Data Recovery Express card ?

How much would it cost at the very beginning and how is the concept with payment plan ?

Btw when do you plan to come out with a better SSD utility then the others because I personally think when you develop this it will be more accurate and better working !

Kind regards

CH-6060 Sarnen

DFL PCIe data recovery recharge system can be purchased at a quite affordable price and then users can recharge when necessary.

As for DFL SSD data recovery utility, Dolphin R&D engineers are already testing the functions to make sure the new SSD solutions work properly.

If other users from Switzerland are interested in DFL data recovery tools, please email to or add Dolphin Skype ID: