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Before we enter the review of the data recovery in Angola, there are some important basic information we should learn which will help to understand more about the Angola data recovery situations including the data recovery companies, data recovery tools used there and the data recovery cost in Angola.

Angola is a country in southern Africa bordered by Namibia on the south, the Democratic Republic of the Congo on the north, and Zambia on the east; its west coast is on the Atlantic Ocean with Luanda as its capital city. The exclave province of Cabinda has borders with the Republic of the Congo and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Angola Country Code: 244
Telephone Country Code:     244
ISO Country Code, 2 Digit:     AO
ISO Country Code, 3 Digit:     AGO
Angola Currency:      Kwanza (AOA)
Angola Languages:  Portuguese (official), Bantu and other African languages
Internet Users:      100,000

Angola Electrical Outlet: 220 V,50 Hz


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