Nicaragua is the largest country in Central America. Nicaragua is bordered by Honduras to the north and Costa Rica to the south. Nicaragua is located at the center of the Central American isthmus that forms a land bridge between North and South America. The country is situated between 11 and 14 degrees north of the Equator in the Northern Hemisphere, which places it entirely within the tropics. The Pacific Ocean lies to the west, and the Caribbean Sea to the east; Nicaragua’s Caribbean coast is part of the Western Caribbean Zone. The country’s physical geography divides it into three major zones: Pacific lowlands, wet, cooler central highlands, and the Caribbean Lowlands.

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Capital of Nicaragua:Managua

Nicaragua Languages:Spanish 97.5% (official), Miskito 1.7%, other 0.8% (1995 census)

Nicaragua Currency:Córdoba (NIC)

Nicaragua Country Code: 505

Telephone Country Code:505

ISO Country Code, 2 Digit:NI

ISO Country Code, 3 Digit:NIC

NI – 5,666,301 population (2011) – Country Area: 129,454 sq km

600,000 Internet users as of Dec/09, 10.6% of the population, per ITU.

Nicaragua Electrical Outlet:120 V,60 Hz


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