DFL All-in-One Data Recovery Software Upgrade Version 2.2

DFL-All in One-V2.2 Software Upgrade Features

Dolphin team have been working hard all the time and now releasing this DFL all in one new software upgrade-DFL all in one V2.2 and all users can get this new software from Dolphin user-only forum.


1, Toshiba head map imaging optimization;
2, WD 8000XX series head map imaging optimization, very helpful for drives with dynamic translator-Module 190;
3, More stable imaging and file extraction;
4, Common firmware repair capabilities are further enhanced.

DFL-Seagate HDD FW Repair Tool V4.1

1, CP R/W optimization;
2, Adding LBA read option;
3, Adding SYS read by ABA;
4, Adding Regenerate A-list;
5, Adding Regenerate PNG table;
6, Adding Scan to Plist;
7, Editing ID by COM optimization;
8, Adding FW Loading termination;
9, More powerful for new Seagate HDD firmware access and repair.

DFL-WD HDD FW Repair Tool V2.9

1, Firmware read/write optimization for new WD HDDs;
2, Intelligent Module 190 read/write, big module read/write optimization, bypass unformatted bytes and invalid bytes to get one effective new 190;

DFL-Toshiba/Fujitsu HDD FW Repair Tool V1.6

1, Toshiba head cut optimization;
2, ID Editing optimization to select different capacities;
3, P-list operation optimization;
4, Add 46GSX family to support;
5, Add MQ01(4K) to support G to P;
6, Interfaces optimization to be more friendly;
7, Add to read g-list bad sector count.

DFL-Hitachi/IBM HDD FW Repair Tool V4.1

1, ID Editing optimization for ARM series;
2, Optimize FW R/W algorithms;
3, Add boot decryption;
4, Add NV/ROM to be saved by SN;
5, Add 7210CLA3 analysis support.

DFL-Samsung HDD FW Repair Tool V2.0

1, Head map editing support;
2, ROM R/W optimization;
3, ROM R/W support for M6S, M40S, T166, M9T, etc are added;
4, Decryption for some old Samsung drives are supported;
5, Decryption for new Samsung drives is optimized;
6, Zone table, SLIST, Glsitg, T-list logs, D-list logs analysis are added to support;
7, SMART parameters are calibrated;
8, Program is more stable and friendly.

Dolphin team are adding more helpful functions and will release newer software in future for all Dolphin users to be more successful!

Any question is welcome to sales@dolphindatalab.com or add Dolphin Skype ID: dolphin.data.lab