DFL All in One V2.0 is Coming

DFL All in One V2.0 is one major and wonderful software upgrade for all Dolphin DFL users and this version will definitely help all users to get a higher success rate of hdd repair and data recovery.

Users can pay attention to the official release in Dolphin user-only forum. Dolphin support team have been testing this new version and making it work smoothly and excellently.

What’s new in this new software upgrade?

DFL-DDP Data Recovery Program V2.0

01: Raid recovery add-on has been tremendously upgraded to support Raid 0, Raid 4, Raid 5, Raid 5e, Raid 5ee, Raid 6, Raid 10, Raid 1E, HP/Compaq Raid 5, JBOD for RAID reconstruction, auto analysis is available for Raid 0 and Raid 5;
02: Users can mark selected files, make selected files as valid data, image selected files only, very easy and wonderful imaging feature to use;

03: Sub-bitmap function is added;
04: LDM support is added;
05: APFS support is added;
06: FileVault, HFS/HFS+, FileVault2 partition unlock function is added;
07: VHDX(2T/above for win8 or above) is added;
08: Bitlocker key recovery from hiberfil.sys or memory dump is added;
09: Analysis for Exfat partition with bitlocker protection has been added;
10: Data Calculation during image has been added;
11: Sector open and view is enabled by double-clicking on the bitmap;
12: To save and Load MFT is added;
13: FAT32 File scan is added;
14: Scan Files for partitions is added, users can save and load scan info;
15: File Tree export is added;
16: File Report export is added;
17: Hash calculation for whole drive or whole partition has been added;
18: One click to open calculator is added;
19: One click to open notepad is added;
20: ‘Copy This TEXT’ is added;
21: Data checking and comparing for data drive and donor drive is added;
22: extx/hfs+ and other file system template support is added;
23: To open the current directories is added;
24: One click to mark whole disk’s data only sectors is added;

25: Bitlocker partition recovery has been improved;
26: Auto Partition searching function has been improved;
27: Sector skip function during logical scan has been improved;
28: Bitmap file structure has been improved and the file size is reduced a lot to save space;
29: NTFS partition analysis improvement when MFT record fails to read;
30: General program codes’ improvement to enhance program’s security and stablity.

DFL-WD Firmware Repair Program V2.882

01: Head map editing in RAM support for Spyglass, Palmer, Charger;
02: WD firmware repair program works faster and more excellently;

DFL-ST Firmware Repair Program V3.0

01: Permanent Unlock is supported;
02: Easier F3 SED unlock operations without power reset including Eb01 unlock support;
03: More F3 SED unlock support is added;
04: V9 SED unlock is added;
05: Family detection by boot mode for PCB only or when hdd is not detected;
06: SYS file testing and error report is added to find out which sys file is corrupted;
07: Read ID by COM mode;
08: ABA SYS Read mode is added (When ATA/COM read fails);
09: SYS read/write faster;
10: ROM backup with SN number;
11: SSHD non-spinning fix without PCB swap by simply adaptive ROM generation and writing.

DFL-Hitachi Firmware Repair Program-V1.383
01: Program codes’ enhancement for better performance.

DFL-Toshiba/Fujitsu Firmware Repair Program-V1.571

01: MQ Toshiba head map editing in RAM is supported;

DFL-Samsung Firmware Repair Program-V1.336

01: Program codes’ enhancement for better performance.

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