DFL eMMC Chip Reader All in One Hardware Upgrade

DFL eMMC chip reader hardware has been upgraded and many users have received the new hardware from the new purchases.

Before the hardware upgrade, the eMMC chip reader supports 4 types of eMMC chips:

BGA 153/169
BGA 162/186
BGA 221
BGA 529

For these four chips, users don’t need to solder any wire, just simply put the chips correctly into the chip holder and users can read the chip data from PC.

After the upgrade, the signal interfaces are added onto the hardware and users can solder wires/signal lines to connect the other chips besides above 4 mentioned chip types. This requires good soldering skills.

DFL eMMC Chip Reader Signal Interfaces

After soldering the signal lines, users can connect the 162/186 SD connector to the SD card reader and then users can read the other chips too from PC.

Dolphin team keep working hard to improve all our hardware and software tools, please note: DFL eMMC chip reader all in one doesn’t contain any software, it works like one converter to connect the chips to PC and the pc will help to recognize the chips and display the data.

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