DFL-FRP For WD And DFL-WDII Are Upgraded To New V2.6

Dolphin Data Lab is again improving our Western Digital hard drive firmware repair tool-both the DFL-FRP hardware for WD and the DFL-WDII hardware.

The latest version: V2.6, July 16, 2014

Within this version, this firmware repair tool has the following new changes:
DFL-FRP new changes:

1, Optimize the PCB 18XX SF unlock solution and supports more new hard drives;
2, 6 more new families are added for correct detection;
3, Compatible with multiple DFL devices and users can run multiple DFL devices in the same pc;
4, LED flash is added to select the corresponding hardware for the right software.

DFL-WDII new changes:

1, PCB 18xx selftest unlock optimization to support more new drive refurbishing;
2, 6 more new families are added for proper detection.

Dolphin Data Lab is working on more new functions of WD firmware repair and will release them step by step. Any question is welcome to sales@dolphindatalab.com.