Dolphin Data Lab Latest Work Report

Like what Dolphin Data Lab always do, Dolphin Data Lab never stop working hard to work out new data recovery solutions and new data recovery tools for fixing newer cases.

We feel it necessary to report our latest work process to our Dolphin users because Dolphin users are not only our customers, but more like our partners in the same boat, we grow together, customers win, Dolphin team win!

Recently Dolphin Data Lab is working hard on the following issues:

1, DFL-DDP USB3.0 major upgrade, will adopt independent channel working mode and any interruption and failure of one channel won’t affect the other channels;
2, DFL-DDP USB3.0 software codes full optimization and the program will work more stably;3, More configurable image settings to make the image from faulty drives more successfully;
4, DFL-FRP for Seagate upgrade and new features will be available for release soon;
5, Researching and working out new WD firmware repair features;
6, Working on Dolphin all-in-one USB3.0 data recovery equipment- DFL-Super Recovery Plus and will release end of this month or early next month;
7, Completing and releasing more Hitachi technique documents and video instructions including new manual, new video instructions to use DFL-FRP for Hitachi;
8, Completing and releasing firmware repair tools of other hdd brands of Samsung, Toshiba/Fujitsu;
9, After above releasing in a short time, Dolphin Data Lab will release software upgrades more frequently and most of our developing engineers will spend more time in upgrading all our tools.

Within 2015, Dolphin users will enjoy unique data recovery success!