Major Upgrade Of DFL-DDP USB3.0 Data Recovery Equipment

Dolphin Data Lab stays very close to each of our users, all suggestions and feedback on our tools go directly to our management team and developing team. Actually members in our management team are engineers too and therefore, we can always learn what users want and what help them to get greater success in their daily recovery jobs.

Now Dolphin Data Lab is upgrading and releasing the most popular DFL-DDP USB3.0 data recovery equipment and it will make all DFL users more successful.

1, Data Transfer Speed
Surprisingly increased up to 180m/s for disk imaging and file extraction to work on two hard drives at the same time! That’s over 10GB/min/channel and 20GB/min for two channels.


2, F3 Dos Fix

3, F3 Smart Fix

4, F3 Sim1009 Fix

5, F3 MCMT Fix

6, F3 SYS Reset

7, Samsung selective head image

8, Software codes optimization…

More will be available in the coming new version…

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Video Demonstration