Important Upgrade On SRP-DE, DDP and DE May 21 2015

Dolphin team are all the time working with users’ feedback and new features request to fix the new hdd repair and data recovery cases and now we are releasing new version for DFL-SRP USB3.0 for data extraction, DFL-DDP, DFL-DE and also DFL-URE.

From now on, Dolphin team start to release the all-in-one software setup program and users of DFL-DDP, FRP and SRP can install this program and use it based on what modules have been ordered by control panel. Users can simply control each channel and control each hardware and each program.

The all in one setup programs contains the following modules:

Data Extraction V1.51
WD V2.67
ST V1.53
HT V1.14
Sam: V1.1FT: V1.001

With this new version, Dolphin team have created the following changes:

1, Bad sector scanning function is greatly improved with more detailed statistics of sector response time during the reading test;
2, Disk imaging algorithm has been redesigned and it’s now working very smoothly and stably, this makes it more efficient to image faulty hard drives;
3, Bitmap setup method has been redesigned and bitmap can be created at super high speed, users don’t need to wait even for drives with big capacities;
4, File extraction ability is improved too and the bug of missing files when selecting multiple folders is fixed;
5, Software and hardware codes optimization to get SRP more compatible with different USB interface and have the imaging and extraction tasks more stable;
6, Bug for loading task of DFL-URE has been fixed.

With above upgrade, Dolphin users will get more success.

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