There’s No Real Magic In Any Data Recovery Tools

The global economy development has a bad situation in these years, especially the traditional economy establishments have been severely affected and many people, companies are seeking new opportunities to survive the market and start new ventures. To start a good data recovery business is one very good choice with high level of entrance.

Within the world, very limited suppliers offer advanced and real working data recovery hardware tools and solutions, and the most important, technique support and data recovery resources.Some suppliers claimed they offer good data recovery tools but they never offer technique support or data recovery resources, some suppliers offer very low prices and earn quick money and then ignore their clients after clients purchase the tools. Some suppliers told the buyers their tools can do all for them automatically but after clients get their tools, the clients fix no cases at all because it’s far out of the expectation to use the tools so easily as promised.

Dolphin team are here telling users the truth: there’s no real magic in any data recovery tools, even Dolphin data recovery tools cannot fix all cases for you.

If any users have any thought of that: if you get the tools, you can easily fix all cases automatically, this is impossible.

Each data recovery case or hdd repair case is different, users need to understand what’s the failure and what functions to use to fix the cases. Some functions can be used without affecting data, but some functions will definitely destroy the data. This is why Dolphin team designed many common failures solutions into our repair and recovery hardware to help reduce the time of analyzing each case.

Besides necessary data recovery tools and data recovery tools, users need also data recovery resources such as special hdd repair tips, data recovery tips or firmware donors, or head donors,  drive donors, etc. Dolphin offers these resources into one stop.

After clients decide to enter data recovery field, users must be very patient, keep learning, keep a close cooperation relationship with Dolphin engineers, post the cases in Dolphin’s official forum, email questions or send questions by Skype, etc to get full technique support from Dolphin.

After clients decide to enter data recovery field, users must be very active to communicate with other users and share resources and experience with other users, this way, users can grow very quickly.

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