Steps To Upgrade DFL-DE Data Recovery Tool Hardware Console


To Upgrade DFL-DE Data Recovery Tool Hardware Console is the very basic step to upgrade DFL-DE to the latest version Version 1.3.

This is one major upgrade which will tremendously enhance the performance of DFL-DE in its disk imaging module, file recovery module and common hdd repair solutions module.

The following are instructions and steps to upgrade the DFL-DE hardware console:

  1. Connect the USB cable to PC;
  2. Connect the power adapter to the hardware console and power it up.

After you connect properly, users need to make sure the device drivers are working well and within your PC Device Manager, users can find the DFL-DE Device, users can find the two DFL channels: ATA_0 DFL-DE USB Device and ATA_1 DFL-DE USB Device.

After users confirm above conditions are met, users can continue to upgrade the hardware console.

Next is to find the hardware console upgrade program, click to open it:



Users need to input 1 and enter to select English and then users get the instructions  like above.

Next users need to input ATA channel one by one to make sure both ATA 0 and ATA 1 are upgraded:

Input 0 first to select Channel 0 and click enter



Input hardware console firmware version:

Input 1 to select new hardware version 1.30 and click enter



Wait until the following messages are displayed:



Until now, the ATA 0 has been upgraded successfully. Next we need to upgrade the ATA 1.

  1. Remove the USB cable and reconnect it to PC;
  2. Power off the device and power it up again;
  3. Close the current upgrade program for ATA 0 upgrade and then restart it.
  4. Next users need to run similar operations like updating the ATA 0 above to upgrade ATA 1:
  5. Input 1 and click enter to select English;
  6. Input 1 to select Channel 1 and click enter;
  7. Input 1 to select new hardware version 1.30 and click enter.
  8. Wait until the ATA 1 is updated successfully like below:


Until now, both ATA 0 and ATA 1 have been upgraded successfully, re-plug the USB cable and within the PC device manager, users can find the two channels have been updated as the following:


Any question is welcome to or users can post in our support forum and users can download the video instruction from our user-only forums to upgrade the DFL-DE hardware.