DFL New Version All In One V1.656 Is Available

Dolphin Data Lab is releasing the new DFL all in one V1.656 and users can download from the user-only forum. Dolphin team keeps working hard to release new hdd repair and data recovery solutions within all DFL tools.

DFL All In One v1.656 is one major upgrade and the following are the new features added in this new version:

DDP V1.656 2016 0425
1. Improve Virtual Translator for Hitachi 7210A9 models.
2. 7210A9 selective head imaging support.

DFL_HT V1,3,3,4  20160725
1 Fixed 7210A9 heads number bug
2. Improved 7210A9 virtual translator
3. Improved 7210A9 reading algorithm.

DFL_ST V1,6,7,6 20160628
1. Added RAM testing for ST temperature adaptive.
2. Added auto adjust for ST temperature adaptive. This function works great for some models.
3. Fixed modification cannot be reverted after doing temperature adaptive for some models.

DFL_FT V1,3,2,4 2016 0725
1、Added function: Checksum and Save in Toshiba module hex window.
2、Added: modules read/write for PATA drives.
3、Added: track read/write for PATA drives.
4、Fixed crash bug

WD V2,7,2,4 20160725
1. Auto load 10, 80, 1B modules. This function supports all ROYL drives, e.g, 1829 needs to load 10 in order to work.
2. Auto load ATA module. Choose your firmware directory and program will auto search ATA modules and load.
3. Improved family detection that all families are supported now.
4. Added corrupted SA bypass function. This function will modify ROM. Writing back this modified ROM will avoid reading corrupted modules when powering on. This function is used when drive is detected slow and modules not read.
5. Added: Initialize ROM. This function for refurbishment, this will convert normal ROM to ROM for refurbishment.
6. Added: one-button initialize FW.
6. Modified: empty self test journal.
7. Added: auto ARCO for refurbishment.
8. Modified: auto ARCO selftest monitoring
9. Added: Auto generate PST.
10. Modified: Max. heads number support.
11. Added: Add/modify SA.

Any question is welcome to sales@dolphindatalab.com or add Dolphin Skype ID: dolphin.data.lab