Dolphin New And First Software Upgrade After Spring Festival

Dolphin team is now releasing more new upgrades and the first upgrade in this Chinese New Year of 2016 after the Spring Festival is the new version of DFL all in one version 1.64.

What’s New In DDP 1.64
1.Selective head image support of Hitachi ARM-5410A9 is added;
2.Imaging processing optimization for more accurate imaging performance under different hdd health situations;
What’s New In ST 1.66?
1.Failed to get max ABA when reading SA parameters,this bug is fixed;
2.PBA Zone list getting and disabling is available now;
3.ROM read/write optimization to support new Seagate hdd ROM writing;
4.Optimize the bad sector scanning and adding to defect list;
5.Optimize the common fw file-lod file extraction;
6 Optimize the LBA to CHS function for complete hdd LBA conversion;
7.Optimize the COM interface to make it more user friendly;
8.Optimize the p-list read/write function for supporting some special drives;
9.Fix the possible crash problem when getting one zone table;
10.Optimize the VCR file loading function for NG list, fix the possible program’s auto exit or wrong defects due to exceeding size of  the file;
11.Optimize the CC49 Adaptive ROM generation;
12.Single head’s logical LBA statistics is added;
13.Optimize the zone table getting algorithm for supporting more drives;
14 Optimize the ROM editing and checking algorithm;
15.F3 HDD ID editing function is added;
16.F3 cutting head is added;
17.Optimize the SYS module writing by COM port;
18.Optimize the SYS module read by COM port.

What’s New In WD 2.721?
1.Optimize the ROM generation tips;
2.Optimize the DIR auto searching function from tracks.

What’s New In HT 1.33
1.Fix the bug of ‘Some IBM drives failed to load external file ‘;
2.Hitachi Format function is optimized for bad sector repair;

What’s New In SS 1.31
1.Be more compatible with different customized OS and motherboards;
2.Be more compatible with DFL C-panel;
3.Optimize the serial port operation;
4.Optimize the module list read algorithm;

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