Another Big Upgrade-V1.661 On Dolphin Data Recovery Tools

Dolphin team has just released another big upgrade on the DFL all in one data recovery tools, the latest version is V1.661 and all Dolphin users can download it for free to get those new features in the user-only forum.

What is new in this version:

1, Within this version, Dolphin engineers focus on the capability of handling very bad drives with many bad sectors or weak heads and users can now image these drives smoothly with positive result;

2, Within this version, Dolphin team updates the speed of selective head image and all hdd brands, users can make best use of this powerful and helpful functions to handle bad drives, always image good heads and then good areas on weak heads and finally increase the timeout values to read more or swap heads to read left. For some sensitive hdds like Seagate new DM series and some old WD drives, it is the best to image with original heads to get most data;

3, This new version is fully compatible with SRP, URE, PCIe-DRE, etc and users can use the same software, same Cpanel to control different tools and work on multiple channels at the same time, by the Cpanel, users can directly open the image file and u-disks too for logical file scanning and recovery;

4, The reported bugs are also fixed in the previous versions and users can use this new version more efficiently;

5, Dolphin team has added the new 4K structured drives for direct file extraction and 1-million-file-level test has been performed on this new version for file extraction;

6, HFS+, HFSX, HFSJ, Linux file systems and other file systems’ file extraction capability is greatly improved, users can get many more files from these systems;

7, RAW scan and recovery are also improved for much better result;

8, Fast file image is added, users can click only Market file and start image, one button to do all to image wanted files; File extraction and disk image use the same bitmap file and this one is also improved, all read sectors during either image or extraction won’t be repeated in another, users can switch at any time when feeling necessary;

9, Dolphin team are adding more requested new functions and going to complete them soon, we are focusing on the new solutions now after above important upgrade. Dolphin team are always with all Dolphin users. Thank you again for all your support.

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