Dolphin team keep working hard to release more new data recovery tools and functions for all Dolphin users. It’s now end of June and Dolphin has released new DDP data recovery software upgrade and Dolphin users can easily download from Dolphin file sharing platform.

Users just need to use the same forum account to login the file sharing platform and then can download the latest software with new data recovery functions for free. Read more

Dolphin team has just released another big upgrade on the DFL all in one data recovery tools, the latest version is V1.661 and all Dolphin users can download it for free to get those new features in the user-only forum.

What is new in this version:

1, Within this version, Dolphin engineers focus on the capability of handling very bad drives with many bad sectors or weak heads and users can now image these drives smoothly with positive result; Read more

Dolphin Data Lab is releasing the new DFL all in one V1.656 and users can download from the user-only forum. Dolphin team keeps working hard to release new hdd repair and data recovery solutions within all DFL tools.

DFL All In One v1.656 is one major upgrade and the following are the new features added in this new version:

DDP V1.656 2016 0425
1. Improve Virtual Translator for Hitachi 7210A9 models.
2. 7210A9 selective head imaging support. Read more

Dolphin team is now releasing more new upgrades and the first upgrade in this Chinese New Year of 2016 after the Spring Festival is the new version of DFL all in one version 1.64.

What’s New In DDP 1.64
1.Selective head image support of Hitachi ARM-5410A9 is added;
2.Imaging processing optimization for more accurate imaging performance under different hdd health situations; Read more