Dolphin New Data Recovery Software Upgrade June 2017

Dolphin team keep working hard to release more new data recovery tools and functions for all Dolphin users. It’s now end of June and Dolphin has released new DDP data recovery software upgrade and Dolphin users can easily download from Dolphin file sharing platform.

Users just need to use the same forum account to login the file sharing platform and then can download the latest software with new data recovery functions for free.

The following are the new features and new data recovery functions within this new version:

1, Search file easily to get wanted files by keyword;
2, Recover selected files under current node;
3, Immediate partitions and file detection and loading;
4, Head map editing in RAM for WD has been greatly improved;
5, Create VHD and Attach VHD have been added, users can image to VHD safely;
6, Selective head image becomes much easier to use and more powerful;
7, Mount/Unmount becomes very fast and easy to use;
8, When users switch between disk image and file extraction, users can easily set target hdd;
9, Seagate head map editing in RAM was added to image setting and greatly improved for handling faulty hard drives, specially drives with head damage.

More new are coming for Dolphin users’ success in data recovery field. At the same time, users will find more new data recovery videos available in the forum and users can login forum and check this videos for understanding more on how to use Dolphin data recovery tools.

Any question is welcome to or add Dolphin Skype ID: