Dolphin Data Lab has released new DFL all in one v1.75 software upgrade program and will release more new data recovery technologies and functions in the coming weeks.

The following are the new upgrade features: Read more

Dolphin team keep working hard to release more new data recovery tools and functions for all Dolphin users. It’s now end of June and Dolphin has released new DDP data recovery software upgrade and Dolphin users can easily download from Dolphin file sharing platform.

Users just need to use the same forum account to login the file sharing platform and then can download the latest software with new data recovery functions for free. Read more

2015 will be one very important data recovery year for all Dolphin users, Dolphin team and all those who are interested in starting one data recovery sector or grow their data recovery capabilities. Dolphin Data Lab will release many helpful new data recovery tools and technologies within 2015 for your higher data recovery success rate. Read more

Dolphin Data Lab is now releasing new version of of the top-rated USB3.0 data recovery equipment-DFL-DDP USB3.0 data recovery tool.

A lot of powerful and useful data recovery features have been added and the software codes, interface codes and hardware controlling codes have been tremendously improved to handle faulty hard drives for maximizing users’ success rate. Read more

It’s a tradition that Dolphin Data Lab keeps in a close communication and cooperation with all our users and even many new clients who don’t have our tools are suggesting us to meet their new data recovery demands.

We are here reporting to all our users the latest working process of our research and development on new data recovery tools and solutions.

1, Working on the new version of DFL-DDP
2, Working on the new version of DFL-DE;
3, Working on the final stage of releasing DFL-STII;
4, Working on new USB hard drive data recovery solutions
5, Planning on the new upgrade of DFL-WDII.
6, Working on some other new data recovery and firmware repair tools.

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