Weekly Report On Dolphin Data Lab Latest Developing Process

It’s a tradition that Dolphin Data Lab keeps in a close communication and cooperation with all our users and even many new clients who don’t have our tools are suggesting us to meet their new data recovery demands.

We are here reporting to all our users the latest working process of our research and development on new data recovery tools and solutions.

1, Working on the new version of DFL-DDP
2, Working on the new version of DFL-DE;
3, Working on the final stage of releasing DFL-STII;
4, Working on new USB hard drive data recovery solutions
5, Planning on the new upgrade of DFL-WDII.
6, Working on some other new data recovery and firmware repair tools.

What we have done during the last week:

1, WD USB HDD Image Un-locker Pro-INIC1607e;
2, WD USB HDD Image Un-locker Pro-JMS538S;
3, WD USB HDD Image Un-locker Pro-SW6316.
4, Data Recovery Training U-disk Plus.

Dolphin Data Lab has also released the new manual for DFL-DE and WDII and will also release new manual and instructions for DFL-DDP USB3.0 data recovery equipment.