Dolphin Data Lab has agreed on a stable reseller partnership with Kanoon Bazyabi (Data recovery center) in Iran after a long time’s cooperation. With the same wish to offer better support in local market and make clients convenient to know DFL tools face to face, Dolphin Data Lab and Kanoon Bazyabi decided to set up this local sales and support center.
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Happy Valientin’s day to all Dolphin users!

It’s just on this special day, Dolphin Data Lab has come back to work normally and completed the great festival here in China-Spring Festival.

On this special day, Dolphin team gives their best wishes to all those who love us and we love and we wish the sweetest memories stayed for all of you. Read more

Happy Christmas EVE to all!

Happy Christmas and Happy New year to all Dolphin users!

Dolphin Data lab has spent many Christmas and new Year festivals with our Dolphin users and all Dolphin users are more like our family members and friends now!

Dolphin team wishes the best and greatest happiness, health and wealth to all Dolphin users and your families and we wish you a big success in the new year of 2015!
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Latest Available: Dolphin Data Lab monthly data recovery training

Dolphin Data Lab has been offering customized data recovery training courses for some time and the contents of the training courses are different based on the level of the attendees’ knowledge background, experience in data recovery and plans of offering different ranges of data recovery services and even the different local market competition. Read more

Hello friends,

Thank you very much for all your support to Dolphin Data Lab all the time and Dolphin team feel proud to grow up with you and your data recovery business!

This is one kind notice on our coming National Day holiday during October 1-7, 2014 and the whole China is celebrating the motherland’s 65th birthday! Read more

Dolphin Data Lab is spending the Middle-Autumn festival holiday here and the holiday last three days including September 6, 7 and 8, 2014.

Chinese Moon Festival is traditionally celebrated on the fifteenth day of the eighth lunisolar month and the whole China is celebrating this festival including all including companies, etc. Dolphin Data Lab will come back to work on Next Tuesday (September 9). Read more

Dolphin team feel proud to say all our staffs are happily working hard for a higher success rate generated from our data recovery tools and a greater success from all our honored users.

We are happy Dolphins!

Most staffs in our company are engineers and our happy thing is each little progress within our research and development of new data recovery tools and solutions or even a fix to the bug reported from the user or even a simple new feature request met quickly to help with clients’ daily data recovery cases. Read more

Dolphin Data Lab is going to release new version of DFL-DDP USB3.0 and DFL-DE USB2.0 data recovery tools.

The latest versions:

DFL-DDP USB3.0: V1.43
DFL-DE USB2.0:  V1.81

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Dolphin Data Lab has recently got some feedback from our clients that it’s good to simplify the upgrade process of our tools especially our DFL-URE USB3.0 data recovery equipment.

Dolphin Data Lab data recovery tools are mainly hardware based, except the head and platter swap tools, adapters, microscope, the DFL series tools are hardware and software combined and the DFL series tools require software upgrade. Read more

At this Christmas Eve, Dolphin Data Lab sincerely delivers our best wishes to all Dolphin users and their families, we wish you great health, wealth and success in the years to come.

Dolphin Data Lab is growing stably and quickly due to the support from engineers worldwide. Engineers help us with their valuable feedback on how to improve our tools and services and sometimes even help us with some innovative data recovery solutions to add in our tools. Read more