Dolphin Customized Data Recovery Training Courses November

Latest Available: Dolphin Data Lab monthly data recovery training

Dolphin Data Lab has been offering customized data recovery training courses for some time and the contents of the training courses are different based on the level of the attendees’ knowledge background, experience in data recovery and plans of offering different ranges of data recovery services and even the different local market competition.

During Nov.24-28, Dolphin Data Lab has gained attendees from different countries of the world and Dolphin Data Lab are offering the customized data recovery training courses to them based on DFL series tools including all the physical head and platter swap tools,  firmware repair tools, data extractors, soldering stations, digital microscope, some DIY head combs for special cases, etc.

Within the data recovery training courses, Dolphin support engineers and even developing engineers come to join and share attendees with knowledge on how to market the data recovery services properly, how to set up the closer relationship with end users and gain more returning clients, how to diagnose different hard drives failures, how to understand the firmware modules, ROM, tracks correctly and how to repair firmware damages, how to open the hard drives, check the physical components inside and practice on head and platter swap.

Dolphin Data Lab has prepared valuable data recovery training u-disk with a lot of detailed technique documents, videos, images, txt and also donor firmware resources of different brands. After the training courses, users can get training certificate and get certified to use Dolphin data recovery tools officially and capably.

Dolphin Data Lab is the only supplier of data recovery equipment who really care about the users and their needs. If you want to start a data recovery business or if you want to expand your data recovery business, you can please email us by or add our skype account: