Dolphin Advanced Data Recovery Training Outline 2016-2017

Dolphin team has re-customized complete hard drive data recovery training courses for all those who want to start a data recovery business or who want to grow their data recovery capabilities.

Day 1 Training Outline

01,Physical hard drive structure and firmware structure;
02,Key physical elements and how they work;
03,How to find donor heads(Physical match+soft match)
How to find donor parts for Seagate HDD;
*How to find donor parts for Seagate F3;
How to find donor parts for WD HDD;
*How to fix some wd800 head swap cases;
*How to find WD laptop and desktop donor parts more quickly and easily
How to find donor parts for Samsung HDD;
*Seagate Samsung head swap tip
How to find donor parts for To
How to find donor parts for Hitachi HDD;
How to fix scratched hard drives.
04, Key firmware elements and how they work and how to find to fix firmware failures(common methods).

Day 2 Training Outline

01,WD HDD booting process;
02,WD HDD firmware modules, data recovery modules
Module 01 Analysis
Module 02 Analysis
Module 03, 04 and 05 Analysis
Module 21, 22, 23, 24
Module 30, 31, 32, 36
Module 40, 47
Module 4F, ROM
Module 0B and 20B
Module 0A
03, How to find out the WD HDD failure reasons and fix;
04, How to fix module 40 damage;
05, How to diagnose WD clicking hard drives and fix;
06, How to write common fw and key data recovery modules to fix some complicated
firmware failure cases;
07, How to find and adjust the head adaptives;
08, How to fix full disk bad sectors;
09, How to fix WDC-ROM SN#XYZ capacity 0;
10, How to fix WD busy HDDs;
11, How to fix slow HDDs, clear password manually
12, How to run hot swap on WD hdds;
13, How to generate adaptive ROM modules.

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