Dolphin team has decided the next advanced training course to be held during Jan.22-26 2018 and this training course will be the last training course before the Chinese Spring Festival, otherwise, users need to wait until March 26-30, 2018. Read more

With 4 days Spanish data recovery training completed in Mexico on December 3, 2017, it represent the training for whole 2017 was coming to an end.

Spanish data recovery training was worked out by DataClinic, it is a tailor made training for Spanish speaking countries. Read more

Dolphin Advanced Data Recovery Training in July 2017 has come to one happy ending and Dolphin team spend one wonderful week with Dolphin users from UK and Malaysia. Read more

Dolphin team are going to offer advanced data recovery training courses on May 22-26, 2017 and users can learn about the data recovery training outline here.

From this Dolphin advanced data recovery training course, users can learn the knowledge and tips on how to use Dolphin data recovery tools to recover lost data by logical failure, firmware failure, bad sectors, locked password, burnt PCB, physical head damages, motor stuck, etc. Read more

Dolphin Data Lab has offered advanced hard drive complete data recovery training courses during December 5-9, 2016 to Dolphin users from India, Saudi Arabia and Maritious.

Dolphin team arranged the airport pickup when users came to Dolphin office and when users left the hotel, Dolphin team arranged special pickup too and each day of the stay in Dolphin city, Dolphin team arranged the special car to make sure all users came to Dolphin training room and came back to hotel safely and happily. Read more

Dolphin team has re-customized complete hard drive data recovery training courses for all those who want to start a data recovery business or who want to grow their data recovery capabilities.

Day 1 Training Outline

01,Physical hard drive structure and firmware structure;
02,Key physical elements and how they work;
03,How to find donor heads(Physical match+soft match) Read more

From last Saturday to this Tuesday, Dolphin data lab has arranged a four days’ training plan on data recovery for our invited Indian client and his assistant. This client is running international trade business of computer related and pc repair service, now considering to start a new business on data recovery. In order to improve the basic skills of himself and choose proper products to set up his own data recovery lab, he actively cooperates with Dolphin engineers to complete this training course. Read more

Dolphin Brazil sales and support center has offered live demo on All DFL data recovery tools including the latest DFL-SRP USB3.0 all in one, DFL PCIe DRE-4x, DFL-URE USB3.0 and other Dolphin head and platter swap tools within Estacio University in the city of the Fortaleza.

Within the Dolphin data recovery tools live demo, many master degree candidates and some professors attended  and showed their strong interest and had learnt a lot of helpful knowledge which help in their data security and DLP research projects. Read more

Are you planning to take the Dolphin data recovery training certificate back and spend one Special happy and successful Christmas?

To start a higher level of business success, Dolphin team offers users one ideal choice to enter a new field-data recovery business field with complete data recovery solutions. The shortest path to reach this goal is to select Dolphin advanced data recovery training courses. Read more

During August 24-28, 2015 Dolphin Data Lab head office had offered hard drive advanced data recovery training courses to users from Saudi Arabia and Taiwan.

Saudi users have used Dolphin DFL series data recovery tools for some time and they have got some great experience and knowledge from the product manual, forum topics and discussion and practice and with this training course, Saudi users attend with the problems, doubts and questions they have during their cases’ resolving and at the same time, they came with some difficult cases they couldn’t handle within their data recovery labs. Read more