Dolphin Advanced Data Recovery Training in July 2017

Dolphin Advanced Data Recovery Training in July 2017 has come to one happy ending and Dolphin team spend one wonderful week with Dolphin users from UK and Malaysia.

More and more data recovery engineers worldwide are asking for advanced data recovery training courses from Dolphin Data lab. Some of them are new to data recovery field, some of them are already Dolphin users, some of them are users of other data recovery tools but want to grow their data recovery business by owning more competitive data recovery solutions and technologies.

Many new users come to Shenzhen, Guangzhou cities for business issue and then learn about Dolphin Data Lab and then they decide to come to Chengdu to visit Dolphin head office and check the live demo of Dolphin data recovery tools. For these clients, it is really a big and successful business trip to China, they cannot only develop their existing business, they can also set up their new competitive data recovery business for business expansion. All IT companies, engineers and IT business investors are welcome to visit Dolphin Data Lab at any time for discussing new data recovery adventure and Dolphin team will manage to minimize your investment and maximize your income.

Within the advanced data recovery training courses, attendees can learn intensively and clearly the hard drive logical, firmware and physical structure, users can learn the advanced knowledge and tips of firmware modules, parameters, hex reading, editing and the key physical components inside the hard drive. These advanced knowledge helps to fix all types of hard drive data recovery cases with the help of Dolphin data recovery tools and resources provided to users.

The most important for users is that continuing support and new data recovery resources are offered so that new cases can be fixed.

Besides advanced data recovery training courses, Dolphin team offers training courses for hard drive refurbishing too. Because Dolphin tools can do hdd refurbishing and data recovery at the same time, when users buy Dolphin tools, users can do hdd refurbishing and data recovery business at the same time. For many drives, users can recover the lost data first and then refurbish the patient drives.

If any one is interested in either advanced data recovery training or hdd refurbishing training, users can email to or add Dolphin Skype ID: to book one seat.