When Can I Get My Investment Back after Starting a Data Recovery Business

Dolphin sales team have recently received many new enquiries asking the same question: ‘ When can I get my investment back after starting a data recovery business?’ Now this article will answer this question in great details.

Each user who wants to start a data recovery business has different knowledge and working experience, this is the first element which will affect how long to get investment back after starting a data recovery business. Some users may already learn about data recovery and have tried to use some data recovery software, read some data recovery technique articles and case studies and therefore, they will be much faster to use professional data recovery tools and offer higher-success-rate and more professional impression to their clients when dealing with different data recovery cases. They get more cases and can deal with more difficult cases and can usually get investment back within the first three months.

The second element will be the supplier of data recovery tools and solutions, whether the users select the right one will affect the duration to get the investment back. Some suppliers supply only tools without adequate support, resources and then the tools become useless and it’s hard and impossible to get the investment back for these users. Users of this kind are usually attracted by low prices and even some false advertisements. If users have selected the right one with complete data recovery solutions, resources and support, users can usually get investment back within the first three months for sure. For example, Dolphin team offer remote support to Dolphin users, when Dolphin users cannot fix the cases, Dolphin engineers can help remotely fix the cases and this way, users get the investment back in a short time.

The third element to affect when to get investment back is users’ marketing and business capability. When users are able to fix different cases but no cases come in, your business will also fail. So users need to prepare to market your own data recovery business properly and quickly to get good reputation and trust and get continuing new cases. The more cases you have, the shorter time your investment will come back and you start to earn.

The last element for earlier investment back is the advanced data recovery training courses. It’s ok users can depend on all yourselves and run your data recovery business with good supplier of data recovery tools, with proper knowledge, with good marketing skills, but compared with the advantage knowledge and experience from engineers with years’ experience in this field, to attend one advanced data recovery training will make the users get the investment back in the shortest time, at the same time, set up the unique advantages over your competitors. So in the long run, this kind of users will survive and win finally!

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