Dolphin Brazil Live Demo Within Fortaleza Estacio University

Dolphin Brazil sales and support center has offered live demo on All DFL data recovery tools including the latest DFL-SRP USB3.0 all in one, DFL PCIe DRE-4x, DFL-URE USB3.0 and other Dolphin head and platter swap tools within Estacio University in the city of the Fortaleza.

Within the Dolphin data recovery tools live demo, many master degree candidates and some professors attended  and showed their strong interest and had learnt a lot of helpful knowledge which help in their data security and DLP research projects.Mr. Luiz Brito, cheif data recovery engineer in Dolphin Brazil sales and support center had explained very carefully on all the new data recovery technologies and advantages Dolphin tools have adopted, especially the unique USB3.0 design to repair and recover multiple damaged hard drives with protected passwords, bad sectors, firmware failures and even physical head failures.

Attendees have also brought some damaged hard drives to check the live demo on how Dolphin tools are used to get the lost data back and it was amazing experience for them to see how the Dolphin tools work professionally and easily to fix the failures.

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