DFL Data Recovery Tools New Upgrade V1.653 Beta Is Available

Dolphin team are releasing new version of DFL data recovery tools and all the data recovery programs, drivers and combination codes between hardware and software are improved further.

New version: V1.653

What’s new in this new version?

DDP 1.653 update
1. Fixed some F3 Seagate 4K drives ID error that causes selective head imaging failure.
2. Fixed password removal failure for some drives.
3. Improved DFL hardware compatibility
4.Fixed display error in scanning.

FT 1.321 update 20150602
1. Improved FRP compatibility.
2. Fixed modules read error

DFLSRP 1,3,0,1   2016 0602
1. improved FRP compatibility.
2. added local file for source disk options to load img file recovery.

DFL_HT 1,3,3,1
1. Improved FRP compatibility.
2.Fixed ID  error for certain drives.

DFL_SS 1,3,2,3   20160602
1. improved FRP compatibility.
2. Fixed crash entering programs for some.drives.

DFL_ST 1,6,7,1  20160602
1. Improved FRP compatibility.
2. Fixed scan error when scanning and adding to defects file.
3. Fixed physical sector size error which can result in CHS to LBA error.
4 Fixed COM display error for .10 drives.
5. fixed SYS file error for some drives
6. Fixed LOD file error for some LOD generation.
7 .10 password removal improved.
8.improved adaptive temperature function.
9.added TA list function – modify defective head.
10. added PSF list function – modify defective head
11. Fixed CC49 adaptive ROM error.
12. Improved adaptive ROM function success rate.

DFL_WD 2,7,2,3     20150203

1.improved FRP compatibility.
2. Fixed L shape drive 01 module read failure error.