Dolphin Data Lab has released new DFL all in one v1.75 software upgrade program and will release more new data recovery technologies and functions in the coming weeks.

The following are the new upgrade features: Read more

Dolphin new software upgrade for WD HDD auto repair tool has been available and users can ask for one download link to try the new. Within this program, Dolphin team added one new data mode to run auto arco to adjust the physical parameters and then the hdds will be fully detected, after this, users can write the original data recovery firmware modules and then get the data back.

This new WD hdd repair program has contained many new WD hdd families and PCB series to be supported. What are the new support list for WD hdd auto repair tool: Read more

To recover more data and to make all Dolphin users more successful is always the target for all Dolphin team members and Dolphin team have been working very hard to release this new software upgrade for DFL DDP data recovery program-V1.665.

All DDP users can download this new software upgrade for free from Dolphin user-only forum here. Read more

Dolphin team are releasing new version of DFL data recovery tools and all the data recovery programs, drivers and combination codes between hardware and software are improved further.

New version: V1.653

What’s new in this new version?

DDP 1.653 update Read more

We are sorry but we have to declare that the new versions of DFL data recovery tools will stop supporting the Windows XP system.

The existing versions of Dolphin data recovery supporting Windows XP system:

1, DFL-DDP Version 1.34 and previous versions;
2, DFL-DE Version 1.74 and previous versions;
3, DFL-FRP WD Version 2.55 and previous versions;
4, DFL-FRP ST Version 1.41 and previous versions. Read more