Dolphin Data Lab Will Stop Supporting Windows XP On Newer Versions Of Tools

We are sorry but we have to declare that the new versions of DFL data recovery tools will stop supporting the Windows XP system.

The existing versions of Dolphin data recovery supporting Windows XP system:

1, DFL-DDP Version 1.34 and previous versions;
2, DFL-DE Version 1.74 and previous versions;
3, DFL-FRP WD Version 2.55 and previous versions;
4, DFL-FRP ST Version 1.41 and previous versions.

Dolphin Data Lab keeps working on all our data recovery tools and adding new functions but found it takes a lot of time to make it compatible with the Windows XP OS which has some major bugs in the operating system itself. Besides, the XP system doesn’t support some new functions smoothly and therefore we decide to stop the support of Windows XP operating system.

After we release the newer versions of tools, Windows XP users need to switch to Windows 7 32bit and newer Operation systems and then the newer software can be installed and functional properly.

Users need to keep the dal.dat file and save it to one safe place so that the same dfl.dat file will be used in the new PC.

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