DFL-FRP For WD Is Upgraded Again To V2.56

Dolphin Data Lab has released the new version of our Western Digital firmware repair tool-DFL-FRP for WD and now users can download this new version from our user-only forum. The latest version is V2.56.

The following are the new changes:

1, Optimize the log messages;
2, Map interface optimization;
3, Processing bar display during sector erasing is fixed;
4, Selftest monitoring is optimized and runs more smoothly;
5, Sometimes the program would quit if data errors for Marvel L series and now it’s
6, To add defects to defect list by importing scan log file is optimized;
7, To judge whether repeated ports are used is added;
8, Percentage display of task processing is added;
9, Software codes optimization.

Please note: Dolphin Data Lab has stopped supporting Windows XP system for all new versions. So users need to install this one on Windows 7 32bit OS recommended.

Any more question is welcome to sales@dolphindatalab.com.