Seagate F3 Data Recovery And HDD Refurbishing Solutions

Dolphin Data Lab Offers More And More Seagate F3 Firmware Repair Solutions.

Dolphin Data Lab keeps upgrading its advanced Seagate firmware repair tools and adding more and more new functions for both the old Seagate HDD families, the most important more new functions for the Seagate F3 hard drives.

  1. List the F3 HDD ID information including its detailed family name, model,serial number, firmware version, head count,etc;
  2. Seagate F3 password removal is included;
  3. Seagate F3 common firmware read and write is added and Seagate F3 common firmware resouce are offered for both data recovery and hdd refurbishing;
  4. Read and write the F3 firmware modules, CP, RAM, ROM, etc;
  5. Read and write the F3 tracks, Service area and system files;
  6. To format SA for F3 drives is added;
  7. Complete Seagate F3 test is included;
  8. Seagate F3 COM mode and ATA mode are included;
  9. Seagate F3 hot swap is supported;
  10. Seagate F3 busy solution is included;
  11. Seagate F3 translator bad solution is included;
  12. Generating adaptive ROM for F3 hard drives is added;
  13. Seagate partial sector problem solution is included;
  14. Seagate F3 read then busy solution is included;
  15. Seagate F3 capacity=0 solution is included;
  16. Seagate F3 Led error solution is included;
  17. Some of Seagate F3 bad sectors can be repaired;
  18. Edit F3 RAP, SAP and CAP adaptive parameters (for advanced users;)
  19. View and Reset Smart for F3 hard drives;
  20. View and clear defect lists including Glist, P-list and NGlist of F3 hard drives;
  21. Editing plist and delete the abnormal defect records within Plist is included;
  22. Format with G-list and Format with Plist for F3 hard drives are added;
  23. Erasing sectors for F3 hard drives is added;
  24. Adding bad sectors to defect list based on scan files is added;
  25. More…

Dolphin Data Lab will add more new functions to handle Seagate F3 hard drives so that all users with Dolphin DFL-FRP for Seagate will have bigger success than with any other tools.

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