DFL All in One New Software Upgrade V1.75

Dolphin Data Lab has released new DFL all in one v1.75 software upgrade program and will release more new data recovery technologies and functions in the coming weeks.

The following are the new upgrade features:DFL-WD V2.75

1.Improve PST generation function;
2.Improve the functions of converting modules to tracks;
3.Rom deep test function improved to avoid wrong ROM write;
4.Added key recovery for new WD USB encryption;
5.Converting tracks to modules improved;
6.Speed of writing SA is greatly improved;
7.Track write logs have been changed and more clear;
8.Improved the module write function for WD L series;
9.Improved the ROM read/write function for WD L series;
10.Added module DIR editing function for WD L series.


1.FAT 16 file system is supported;
2.File search function by keyword has been added and improved;
3.Added file amount and file size statistics;
4.File image and partition image for EXT2/3/4,HFSX/VMFS has been added;
5.FAT32 directory error auto handling function has been added;
6.Target drive erasing function is added;
7.Added “Recover Selected Files under Current Node” and this is mainly used to fix the Microsoft path’s Max 260 characters’ limit;
8.Added ext2/3/4 file name compatibility with windows and message tip prompt is given;
9.Added HFSX hex view function;
10.NTFS MFT backup auto read is added;
11.VMFS hex view is added;
12.Lost partitions and Partition table auto scan and read are added;
13.VHD setup and attach has been added;
14.$bitmap and $upcase display for exfat has been added;
15.Within file extraction setting interface, the min and max values’ setting have been added;
16.File statistics has been added for Recovery by File Types;

17.Improve file image, mark data only sectors and mark files functions;
18.ext2/3/4 data expanding speed has been greatly improved;
19,Optimize the expanding speed for partitions with millions of files;

20,Block size of scanning partitions have been edited;
21,Edit the max sectors to skip within error handling interface;
22,Fix the bug of extracting small files for VMFS;
23,Fix the bug of file extraction of above 256GB for VMFS;
24,Improve the HFSX volumn getting ability;
25,Optimize the selective head setup display log;
26,Improve the Recover Selected Files and it has now one shorter path;
27,Big file extraction for exFAT file system has been greatly improved and much faster now;
28,Clear the data only sectors’ mark when clearing the bitmap;
29,File extraction with real size for HFS has been improved;
30,Edit the file creation time getting method;
31,Edit the volumn read bug for HFS;
32,Improve the WD head map editing in RAM;
33,Improve the current LBA open method during the bitmap interface;
34,Improve the NTFS parsing algorithm;
35,Improve the hex view function;
36,Not ignoring ERR status for imaging task by default.

DFL-ST V1.81

1.Improve the ROM head map editing function;
2.Improve the adaptive ROM generation function.

DFL FT V1.34

1.Toshiba 1.8″ HDD 24GAH,25GAL,28GAL,14GAH,31GAL support is added.

More new upgrades are coming soon.