Upgrade DFL Data Recovery Tools to Latest Software Versions

Dolphin Data Lab has been upgrading all the hdd repair tools and data recovery tools all the time and all Dolphin users keep getting new hdd repair and data recovery solutions.

Users get the latest software upgrade from Dolphin user-only forum here.

In order to recover lost data from the new hard drives or new data recovery cases, users are suggested to upgrade to the latest software V2.4 with the following detailed versions:

DFL-DDP V2.4 20230915
DFL Seagate hdd repair V4.3 20230921
DFL WD hdd repair V3.0 20230915
DFL Hitachi/IBM hdd repair V1.4 20230915
DFL Toshiba/Fujitsu hdd repair V1.6 20230915
DFL Samsung hdd repair V2.0 20230915

How to Check If you are using the latest DFL data recovery tools:


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