2015 Latest Data Recovery Tools And Technologies From Dolphin Data Lab

2015 will be one very important data recovery year for all Dolphin users, Dolphin team and all those who are interested in starting one data recovery sector or grow their data recovery capabilities. Dolphin Data Lab will release many helpful new data recovery tools and technologies within 2015 for your higher data recovery success rate.Within 2015, Dolphin Data Lab focus on the following sides:

1, Creating new or make our existing data recovery tools easier to use, more automatic to process, more button solutions, more efficient to use all functions;

2, More solutions and configurable settings for faulty drives, starting from the upgrade of  DFL-DDP USB3.0, we have added intelligent bad sector reading algorithm, the DDP can read drives with bad sectors at high speed and high success rate without data loss;

3, Dolphin Data Lab will focus on maximal protection to the source hard drives with clients’ data. Many data recovery tools from other suppliers were released without much attention to this one and that’s a big mistake. For patient faulty hard drives, they cannot bear continuing or repeated operations on the same areas of the same platters, all the physical components may have some damage more or less and if users use some tools without enough protection measures to the source drives, the source drives become very fragile and sensitive to be further damaged. Within Dolphin data recovery tools such as our DFL-DDP USB3.0 tool, write blocking is one very basic feature, DFL-DDP is able to disable the pre-reading and loading of the hard drive necessary parameters so that to reduce the chances of sector reading by the faulty heads, besides, all sectors read will not be re-read again. As for design of the disk image and file extraction, Dolphin developing engineers have perfectly combined them together and these two can make best use of the same bitmap and during the image or file extraction, all read sectors won’t be read again.

Besides, DFL-DDP USB3.0 is able to automatically switch the read modes between DMA modes and PIO modes and this make the program can read each sector of different health properly to make sure the data can be got off and at the same time keep the sector to be at a better situation.

4, Dolphin new data recovery tools and technologies will focus on new hard drives repair and recovery solutions and Dolphin team will add these data recovery solutions to the existing tools in time so users can fix more new cases at a higher success rate;

5, Dolphin team will add some new support to some very old drives and this is based on the feedback from countries with less developed digital and storage market;;

6, Dolphin team is going to add more solutions to replace heads virtually by working on the RAM head map. This will help to reduce the cost and time invested in searching donors and physical head swap;

7, Dolphin team is going to work on more new data recovery functions on file search and file extraction such as the file fragmentation recovery, video recovery, raid recovery, etc;

8, Dolphin team is going to release new data recovery tools on SAS/SCSI server hard drives and this will help to complete Dolphin users’ data recovery service range;

9, Dolphin Data Lab is releasing our super data recovery equipment -DFL-SRP USB3.0 for all hard drive brands for logical recovery, firmware recovery and bad sector recovery, this is one highly integrated and smart data recovery tool with all the latest data recovery technologies. Users can see this tool within January.

More data recovery tools and data recovery technologies are in our plan to be released within 2015! Let’s wait and see! Within 2015, Dolphin team are with all data recovery engineers!

For a higher success rate of hdd repair and data recovery, cheers! Any more question is welcome to sales@dolphindatalab.com or add our skype: dolphin.data.lab