Stay With Dolphin Data Lab In 2013 And Join Our Reseller Program

Dolphin Data Lab is expanding its international reseller and partner network and we are planning to create multiple language versions of our data recovery tools with our resellers and partners.

As more and more real data recovery engineers from different countries are using DFL data recovery tools, it’s urgent for us to set up more localized support network and giving more helping hands to our users. We will keep our fast and comprehensive support to our users too, especially our forum support. The forum has contained many useful technique documents and topics which can help users understand more about our tools and hanlde more hdd repair and data recovery cases.

We have created the language resource file for DFL-DE data recovery tool, DFL-Data Dr. Pro USB3.0 data recovery equipment and DFL-WDII hdd repair tool and we will also create it for the coming new tools.

Therefore if clients select to become our re-seller, we will support you at the following:

1, Offer detailed documents on our tools and support;
2, Offer market support;
3, Possibility of creating the local language version of our tools such as Spanish version, French version, German version, Korean version, Japanese version and other versions of our tools and the reseller will have exclusive sales contract with us for these versions of data recovery tools from us;
4, Offer free data recovery training based on our tools to resellers;
5, Offer supportive, pressure-free and supportive sales policies.
Within 2013, we sincerely invite data recovery companies or IT companies worldwide who have the experience of distributing hdd repair and data recovery tools to join our reseller program and let’s make a great business together and make the best use of the latest data recovery technologies we develop together.

Any more question is welcome to or users can visit our data recovery product center.