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Within our user-only forum, users can find the following information:

PCB, Head And Platter Swap Section

  • Flash Programmer Pro. Manual;
  • WD USB to SATA conversion – new PCB’S;
  • ROYL HDD Head Repair;
  • Hitachi PCB Swap Case Study;
  • Seagate Short Connect Head Contacts On The PCB;
  • How To Find Out If It’s PCB Malfunction Of One HDD;
  • PCB Swap Guide for Different HDD Brands;
  • WD Head Replacement Discussion and Tips;
  • Head swapping allignment;
  • Hot Swap Guides and Tips

DFL-WDII HDD Repair Tool Section

  • Advanced DFL-WDII hdd repair manuals;
  • How to repair undetected WD hdds;
  • How to repair and recover WD busy HDDs;
  • Tips & Steps: Data Recovery From Clicking WD Hard Drives;
  • Editing Head Adaptive Parameters Manually & Fixing Many Colored Blocks;
  • Case Study: Fixing Clicking WD HDD-Clicked and Span Down;
  • DFL-WDII Bad Sector Repair Case Study;
  • Case Study to Fix PCB 1640 Series Undetected HDDs;
  • Case Study: Repair Undetected PCB1698 And Newer WD HDDs;
  • PCB 1640 ROM Auto Regeneration Case Study And Tips;
  • How To Regenerate P-list In Two Different Ways;
  • DFL-WDII Format and Translator Regeneration, Selfscan and Servo Calibration;
  • Bad Sector Repair Case Study Using ARCO and Format With Plist;
  • How To Find Out Bad Heads And Cut Them Efficiently;
  • Case Study: Head 0 Depopping For PCB 1640 Series;
  • WDEARS PCB 1698 HDD Capacity 0 Restoration And Data Recovery;
  • Diagnose & Repair WD10EARS HDDs With Many Green & Red Blocks;
  • Repair WD10EVDS-Dragafly2 HDD Being Very Slow With Many Regular Bad Sectors;
  • Repair Dead WD HDD & Modify MR JOG Parameters For Data Recovery Purpose;
  • Latest DFL-WDII software download
  • We have many more useful pdf documents and discussion in our user-only forums;

DFL-DE Data Recovery Tool and DFL-Data Dr. Pro Section

  • Advanced Manuals and Instructions on DFL-DE and DFL-DDP;
  • Troubleshooting notes and instructions;
  • How to image hdds with a lot of bad sectors;
  • How to list partitions and files and recover them;
  • How to run selective head image;
  • How to run partition image and data-only image;
  • How to image or recover multiple hdds at the same time;
  • How to repair common hdd failures of Seagate, Samsung and WD and get lost data quickly;
  • We have many more new and unique disk image, file recovery and common hdd repair functions being added and discussed in the user-only forums.

We keep adding new topics and documents to equip all DFL users better with greater success in data recovery field. We love our company, we love our business and we love all DFL users!

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