DFL-FRP Will Replace DFL-WDII With New Hardware Design

Dolphin Data Lab has released the new hardware design for DFL-WDII but we have given this new hardware new design a new name-DFL-FRP (DFL-Firmware repair plus).

DFL-FRP will be used as the name of all our USB firmware repair tools including our current DFL-WDII standard, DFL-WDII advanced, DFL-STII and our coming DFL-Samsung, DFL-Hitachi, DFL-Toshiba, DFL-Fujitsu, etc.

DFL-FRP can support one or multiple hdd brands according to users’ needs and purchase. Before we ship the tools to users, we will register the tools accordingly.

However, users can select to get two hardware or even three hardware boxes without crossing supported hdd brands. For example, if users want to buy DFL-WDII, then we will register the tool and have it support DFL-WDII only. If users want to buy DFL-WDII and DFL-STII, users  then have two options:

1, Users get one DFL-FRP supporting both WD and ST;
2, Users get one DFL-FRP supporting WD only and one another FRP supporting Seagate only.

So this new firmware repair hardware is very flexible and powerful and customized according to users’ needs.

Any more question is welcome to sales@dolphindatalab.com.