DFL-WDII Version 2.5 New Features

Dolphin Data Lab is going to upload the new version of WDII v2.5 to our user-only forum and WDII version 2.5 has a big change in both the hardware and software.

The following is the new features of Software upgrade and users can get the software upgrade for free. We will release further details about the hardware upgrade soon.

  1. New families of 17XX, 18XX, 19XX are added to support, users can fix firmware failures of them and can also run single SF process on them;
  2. A big change to the software and operation interface, making it clean and easy to use;
  3. Reset and Log report are added in the starting interface;
  4. Independent thread is assigned to ‘AutoGetDetails’, progress bar is added to get the HDD details so that the whole process will be faster and won’t get stuck;
  5. Optimize the LDR and Cache overlay-13 loading for PCB1698 and newer series;
  6. Auto generation of module 03 is added;
  7. Converting modules to tracks is added which is very helpful in some cases which module writing may fail;
  8. Module extraction from tracks is optimized;
  9. Removed the bottleneck method to access the SA by only ABA mode after hot swap and now with the new program, even if the tracks cannot be accessed, users can read/write modules;
  10. Users can customize module loading to RAM and it fixed another bottleneck technology-when writing common fw, users needed to write 01 first, power off/on, write other modules. But with the new program and new solution, users can write common fw at one time. When tracks cannot be read, users can read modules directly;
  11. New method of generating P-list is added and in the new program, users have two auto P-list generation options to maximize the generation success rate;
  12. T-list generation is added to fix some SadleG6 hdds whose T-list is damaged and the data area couldn’t be accessed;
  13. SF script generation is added;
  14. Single online SF process is added and so far 26 processes are supported;
  15. Format monitoring is optimized;
  16. SF monitoring process is optimized;
  17. Two methods of ROM regeneration are enabled in this new version:

We keep adding new data recovery and hdd repair functions to DFL-WDII and other Dolphin data recovery tools. For new users who are purchasing DFL-WDII, they will get the new hardware DFL-FRP supporting WD within the software program.

Any question is welcome to support@dolphindatalab.com