Bad Sector Repair Options With DFL-WDII HDD Repair Tool


DFL-WDII hdd repair tool is one advanced firmware repair and password removal tool for Western digital hard drives. It can be used for either hdd repair and data recovery purpose and therefore it’s very important and necessary for clients to learn how to analyze the hdd failures and what functions to select to use with the hdd for desired purposes.

This article is to discuss the bad sector repair options DFL-WDII has offered to its users for a higher success rate of hdd repair or data recovery.

When the hdds have only a few bad sectors, users just need to  run logical scan and add bad sectors to p-list or users can run ARCO 46 optimization to repair the bad sectors;

When the HDDs have a lot of bad sectors, users need to run ARCO 46 optimization and other ARCO optimizations, clear selftest logs and run selfscan or users can select to write common Repair FW-write common ROM and common Modules and then run selftest to fix the bad sectors;

When there’re bad sectors in SA, users can format the SA area or users can

When there’re successive bad sectors or regular bad sector distribution during the hdd scan, it usually means a head damage, users can run a head r/w test. Users can disable the damaged heads or users can kill the damaged zones.

Users can have a simple view of the hdd bad sector repair options in the following screenshots of DFL-WDII hdd repair tool:

In the coming online training, our engineer will explain in details about these hdd bad sector repair options and some new technologies for a higher success rate.