New WD HDD Auto ROM Regeneration By DFL-WDII Version 2.4


This document is to tell how to regenerate ROM automatically for New WD HDDs of PCB 1640, 1692, 1698 and other newer series without reading the traditional necessary SA ROM modules like modules 102-108, because these modules are already empty in these newer WD hdds and they are useless in helping regenerate the original ROM. Besides, the traditional method to regenerate ROM is limited to recognized hdds but for undetected hdds, the ROM cannot be generated at all. DFL-WDII hdd repair tool regenerates ROM for undetected hdds with the following simple steps:

Users can regenerate ROM in the DFL-WDII version 2.4 in the following two modes:

ABA access mode;
ID access mode (For PCB 1672 and 1692 series).

The following is one example case study on the steps of regenerating ROM automatically for undetected WD hdds-Mainly for ROYL series.

First, Power on the hdd, wait until the status registers ‘DRD’ and ‘DSC’ are green and the ‘BSY’ is off, the hdd gets ready.

Next is to click ‘Start’ and enter Normal Mode by selecting the hdd family-WDC Marvell within this case study. When we click ‘AutoGetDetail’, the HDD ID and SPT information are not detected.

Next is to load module 11 or users need to load 13 first and then load 11 for some PCB 1698 and newer series.

When users are loading module 11, there’re two situations, one is the module 11 is not compatible:

The program will pop out with one error message and then you should avoid loading this one and you should select another compatible module 11 and get the following:

Click ‘Yes’, enter the working directory setting interface:

Click ‘Ok’, users are offered with a new function to deal with this undetected hdd: users can import the module dir or search the module dir (module 01) directly. Here we use the auto search function.

When the module DIR is found and loaded successfully, users can check the modules by ABA and next is to generate the ROM for ROYL series.

Within the folder called ‘Build’, users can find the new generated ROM and write the original generated ROM to the damaged hdd, power off and power on the program, the hdd is detected normally and scanned successfully without errors and ready for disk imaging and data recovery.

If users need to read the full document and detailed instructions and tips, they can login our user-only data recovery forums and download the PDF document.

Users can learn more about DFL-WDII version 2.4 which is super powerful doing what other hdd repair and data recovery tools cannot do.