Dolphin Data Lab has released one article before on how to regenerate ROM for WD PCB1640, 1692, 1698, or 17XX or 18xx series and now Dolphin Data Lab released the latest version 2.5x(latest-2.53), with this version, users need to use different methods to make the ROM regeneration more successful, especially for the new WD hard drives. Read more

This document is to tell how to regenerate ROM automatically for New WD HDDs of PCB 1640, 1692, 1698 and other newer series without reading the traditional necessary SA ROM modules like modules 102-108, because these modules are already empty in these newer WD hdds and they are useless in helping regenerate the original ROM. Besides, the traditional method to regenerate ROM is limited to recognized hdds but for undetected hdds, the ROM cannot be generated at all. DFL-WDII hdd repair tool regenerates ROM for undetected hdds with the following simple steps: Read more

DFL-WDII Format and Translator Regeneration, Selfscan and Servo Calibration Looking Inside.

Servo Calibration is used to generate module 49 and 4A, it is used only when the 49 or 4A is damaged. When 49 and 4A are damaged, users may get full disk bad sectors when scanning the hdd. Read more

ROM regeneration is one very important and powerful WD hdd repair feature of DFL-WDII hdd firmware repair tool.

The following hdd repair tips are especially for WD ROYL HDD.

When do we use ROM Regeneration?

When we are going to use ROM regeneration, you may find the following WD HDD damage symptoms. Read more